Our branch of the Manning family is over 100 years old. We began in the 1890s with Jim Murphy Treadwell (1874-1960) and Laura Wooten (1884-1960). They met and married in Dooly County, Georgia. The current members of the Mannings of Georgia trace their origins through them. This website is a way for current members of the family to stay in touch with each other.

More in-depth information regarding our family history can be found on our History page.

Fun Facts

According to the Dictionary of American Family Names, the Manning name means:
1. English: patronymic from Mann 1 and 2.
2. Irish: adopted as an English equivalent of Gaelic Ó Mainnín ‘descendant of Mainnín’, probably an assimilated form of Mainchín, a diminutive of manach ‘monk’. This is the name of a chieftain family in Connacht. It is sometimes pronounced Ó Maingín and Anglicized as Mangan.

The Treadwell name mean:
English (chiefly West Midlands): metonymic occupational name for a fuller, from Middle English tred(en) ‘to tread’ + well ‘well’. Fulling was the process by which newly woven cloth was cleaned and shrunk by the use of heat, water, and pressure (from treading) before finally being stretched and laid out to dry on tenter hooks.

Famous People Named Manning

Bernard Manning (1930-2007), British comedian
David Manning (born 1949), British diplomat
Dick Manning (1912-1991), American songwriter
Ernest Manning (1908-1996), Canadian politician
Frankie Manning (born 1914), American dancer
Katy Manning (born 1949), British actress
Marie Manning (died 1849), Swiss murderer
Maurice Manning (born 1966), American poet
Nick Manning (born 1967), American porn star
Peyton Manning (born 1976), American football player
Ricky Manning, Jr. (born 1980), American football player